Working on a Slytherin!Harry story starting in first year

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Working on a Slytherin!Harry story starting in first year

Mensaje por Johneames » 05 Dic 2017 13:20

I started to write this in the "questions about your fic that don't deserve their own thread" thread, but quickly realized that there's so much written here, and more than one question, that it probably did need its own thread.

I'm working on another outline for another story that will likely never see the light of day. Slytherin!Harry, starting from year 1. If you know my style of writing, you know that I like canon rehashes, but I like having enough small divergences to make it different, but not enough so the overarching plot of the story fundamentally changes. I also like to simply or straighten out the plot, so it works smoother. This is all just theorycrafting at the moment.

Of course, Slytherin!Harry has been written about quite a lot, but there's always a lot of traps that they fall in to. Like, there's a bunch of them where Harry still befriends Ron and Hermione despite being in Slytherin, Draco is still his rival, and stuff like that.

I don't want bashing in my story, or a huge amount of cliches. So, Ron isn't going to be cursing Harry at every opportunity and frothing at the lips, just because Harry's a Slytherin. Truthfully, he shouldn't get much screen time at all, as I don't really desire simply having Ron be Draco's replacement as a rival (even though there are a lot of parallels that can be drawn between them).

There is the big issue though. so nothing should happen the same. How does Harry still get pushed along the path of figuring out about the Stone, and going after it?

Please help.

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