Famicom Power Glove Schematic?

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Famicom Power Glove Schematic?

Mensaje por Johneames » 07 Dic 2017 11:12

I am "hacking" a Famicom PAX Power Glove to do what I want. I am going to be connecting my own microcontroller board and other things to it. What I hope for it to do at first is be able to control a remote control car. After I do that, I plan to probably turn it into a Bluetooth controller or mouse.

I have been looking online for a schematic for it, but the closest thing I could find was the schematic for the 20th anniversary version which has different/updated components. The schematic would make it so much easier to do all the wiring, so that I don't have to trace everything on the original boards to find what I need.
Any idea?

Please help.

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