Large Collection of Books!

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Large Collection of Books!

Mensaje por Johneames » 07 Dic 2017 11:14

I have a great collection of books, but unfortunately I have a few problems. Number one, I don't have a lot of spare space to keep them and number two, I don't have a lot of spare time to read them (or I've already read them and will not do so again).

Here is the bottom line. I would much rather these books go to good homes where I know they will be used. Many of these books have sentimental and a lot of tangible value, but I'm undercutting for the sake of putting them in a good home. With all that being said...

...if you want to purchase large groups of these books, you are going to get highly discounted rates. Please, please inquire about that so I can send them off with less postage and get them out of the house sooner.
Any suggestion?

Please help.

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